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Make the right decisions for your loved one's estate, while dealing with the emotions from the loss.

There are so many emotions to deal with when you lose a loved one. There are also a lot of decisions to make after their passing. There are still many legal matters and obligations to consider. With Hesson & Birtch, you get the support you need to deal with a loved one’s property and obligations under Wisconsin Law after their death, to make good decisions.


Know exactly how to handle the estate of your loved ones with an experienced probate lawyer by your side.


 • Settle a complicated estate

 • Distribute assets, property, and belongings according to the will or the law

 • Handle and file proper documents

 • Prepare tax document


Place your loved one's estate in the hands of a legal expert while you deal with the grief and emotion of your loss.

Being prepared is important when dealing with your estate. Make matters easier for your loved ones by having a will and power of attorney in place.

Start planning now for the future

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Take control on how things will be handled after your death. Get expert guidance on how to handle your estate to ensure that it is handled properly, and minimize turmoil within family.

Deal with the death of a family member

Estates can cause a lot of stress between family members. Let us help you through the process.